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Rick is one of the three original board members and has served as MOO’s Chair since the incorporation of the Gathering in 2012.  He is a mechanical engineer and project manager, as well as being an accomplished guitar/autoharp player & vocalist with three solo CD recordings to his credit. He is the 2009 Mountain Laurel Autoharp Champion, and has been a featured performer & autoharp instructor at festivals across the US. In addition to MOO, Rick also serves on the board of the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering and the Great Pyrenees (dog) Club of Metropolitan Milwaukee. Rick’s lovely wife, Erina, is a CPA and much-appreciated financial adviser to the Gathering. 


A long time supporter of folk music, Joe Boxhorn serves as Vice chair and Secretary of the MOO board.  He taught himself guitar in response to an injury to a tendon, and now teaches beginning guitar.  He plays bass, is flirting with the ukulele, and tries every stringed or percussion instrument he’s allowed to get his hands on.  Joe is an excellent cook who is adamant that food is an expression of hospitality and generosity.  He’s a senior planner at the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.


Tony grew up in Maine but has lived in Wisconsin for the last 27 years. He has attended the Gathering or String Along for about the last 10 years and joined the board 4 years ago. An engineer by profession, Tony enjoys singing and attempts to play the guitar and autoharp, not usually at the same time. Tony is the Treasurer for the MOO Organization.


Dave retired 12 years ago from GE Medical Systems. In his retirement, he has kept busy by lending a hand building/painting sets/props at a local community theater, and by doing various other volunteer work. About ten years ago he decided that he wanted to learn to play the guitar. Learning guitar has been quite a challenge but lessons and finding out about this group called, String-along (now MOO Music Gathering), has helped Dave make progress. Dave is a MOO Board member.


Trisha started playing piano when she was 11. She went to UW Oshkosh and majored in Music Therapy. Her dad gave her his accordion and beginner books and she taught herself to play. Michael and Trisha got married in 1979 and have two adult children. Trisha bought Michael his current banjo. They also play with the Milwaukee  Ukelele club and volunteer with a church group visiting a different nursing  home each month and playing for the residents.  Trisha is a MOO Board member.

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