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MOO Music Gathering

November 5-6, 2021

We have been closely watching and monitoring the situation with regard to the pandemic and have decided that it would be best to change direction and hold the Gathering virtually on Zoom instead of in-person.  


Here is a brief summary of some of the things affecting our decision:

  • While the infection & hospitalization rates in Wisconsin seem to have peaked for the moment, they are still significantly higher than they were at the end of July when we opened registration for the in-person Gathering.


  • Our registration rate has been much slower than in previous years.  That is not surprising, since everyone is “watching and waiting”, but the net result is that the numbers are not where we want them to be.


  • A majority of the regular attendees we’ve spoken with are hesitant to commit to staying overnight in camp and have expressed concern about singing together in the jams – even amongst our known group of fully vaccinated people. None of that is surprising either, given our collective ages and health demographics.


  • And… we just learned that the camp has booked a church youth group to share our weekend.  While that isn’t unusual, and would ordinarily be welcomed, in light of the other concerns mentioned above it becomes yet another set of variables that makes holding an in-person event problematic.


The Plan

  • The Virtual Gathering will begin with a Jam and “Social Hour” on Friday Night where we will get to see and hear each other. The Performer Workshops will be conducted as Zoom Webinars on Saturday, followed by an hour where Anne Hills and Joel Mabus will demonstrate the skills they’ve taught, along with their considerable talents. The Virtual Gathering will conclude with the ever-popular Open Mic on Saturday night.


  • Each two-hour Webinar Workshop costs $25 and includes access to the Performer Demonstrations, the Friday Night Jam and Saturday Open Mic.

  • The Webinar Workshops will be recorded and available to view for two weeks after the Gathering using separate links we will send the registered participants after the workshop.


Click here for the Webinar Schedule


How It Will Work

  • Registration for the Virtual Gathering will be administered through Zoom and PayPal.

  • You will need to register for each of the Performer Workshops separately, using the registration links provided on the Featured Performer / Registration page or the Webinar Schedule page.

  • After filling out the Zoom registration form, you will be directed to pay by credit card using PayPal or as a PayPal Guest. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate payments by check or apply payments you have already made for the in-person Gathering.

  • Once you have completed the webinar registration and payment processes, you will receive a confirming email from Zoom with the appropriate join links and a link to the handouts for that workshop. Those links are unique to you and cannot be shared.

  • IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED FOR THE IN-PERSON GATHERING, we will be refunding all of the registration fees you have already paid and will ask you to re-register for the Zoom Webinar workshops.

  • Again, each two-hour Virtual Workshop costs $25 and also includes access to the Performer Demos, the Friday night Jam and Saturday Open Mic.

  • If you are only interested in attending the Friday and Saturday evening programs, you will still need to sign up for at least one of the Performer Webinars for $25, and then only attend the Demos, Jam and Open Mic if that is your choice. (Of course, you really won’t want to miss a minute of what Joel and Anne have to offer!)


Click here for Featured Performer Workshops

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