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MOO Music Gathering, March 6-8, 2020

Participant-Led Workshops

The following participant-led sessions have been scheduled for the Spring 2020 Gathering as-of publication time. There is still room in the program for a few more workshops, so please let us know if you would like to lead a session!

Look for updates to this session list on Facebook and on this MOO website.


A’capella Folk

Join us for a selection of folk tunes done with only voices. We’ll try some old chestnuts as well as some more recent tunes. Warm up your pipes and come by for some sweet harmony.  No instruments required. 

Session Leader: Tony Linz


TV Theme Songs

Many of the songs that first made an impression on our musical souls were those indelible themes for the television shows we watched growing up.  Not surprisingly, some of them were actually pretty good songs and hit the pop charts on their own.  In this session we’ll celebrate a few notables from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  You may even think of some newer ones to share.

Session Leader: Rick Fitzgerald


Ukulele Consortium

The Ukulele Consortium is an opportunity for uke players to learn new tunes and improve chord knowledge. Each player brings 10 copies of two tunes that he or she can lead. Chord diagrams for both tenor/soprano ukes should be included. This student-led workshop is highly enjoyable and culminates in a group appearance at the Open Mic.

Session Leader: Michael Nepper


Getting Out of Another Guitarist’s Way

There’s nothing duller than two guitarists strumming cowboy chords in unison. To make things more interesting, we’ll explore some chord forms for playing up the guitar neck, (mostly) without using barre chords. This session is intended for advanced beginner- to intermediate-level guitarists. It assumes that you know your cowboy chords, including the “cheater’s” F and Bb.

Session Leader: Joe Boxhorn


Circle of Original Songs

This session will have MOO participants present their original songs. We’ll set up a song circle for those presenting their songs and encourage those that want to listen to listen and enjoy. We will go around the circle and have each songwriter play their song. There can be discussion after the song if you desire, or not if you do not want comments. If you have lyric sheets that you want to share, you can certainly bring copies to share. In the same way, you can have people play along with your piece … or not…  as you wish.


Session Leader: Bob Estes


YOGA Y’ALL!  -      The early AM Yoga session to stretch your body before stretching your mind. 

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