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MOO Music Gathering

November 3-5, 2023

We will be Live & In-Person at Camp Edwards for the Fall Gathering.  No, COVID hasn’t completely gone away but we feel it is (finally!) time to return to “normal” operations with a few precautions.

We have a wonderful pair of Mid-West performers/instructors lined up with Jonas Friddle and John Stano.  Jonas will be sharing his techniques for Clawhammer Banjo and leading us in some fun with being an Old Time Jug Band.  Milwaukee native, John Stano will be showing us how to get the most out of the blues harmonica and introduce us to open tunings for the guitar.   


And, of course:

  • Friday & Saturday Night Song Circle Jams

  • Saturday Open Mic

  • Participant-Led Workshops


  • Registration is on-line only

  • Payment by PayPal, cash or check


The situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic has been continuously evolving and we are attempting to keep pace.  These are our current mitigation plans - which may change - if conditions warrant.


  • We ask everyone who attends to attest that they are vaccinated and are up to date per CDC guidelines.

  • If you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms PLEASE DO NOT COME– even if it turns out to be regular cold or flu.  We will refund your registration if you cannot come because you are sick.  If you develop symptoms while at the Gathering, we
    ask that you let us know, self- isolate, and go home.
  • Masks are at your own discretion but may be required in workshops if requested by the workshop leader.

  • Different colored stickers will be provided to place on your name badge in order to visually indicate your comfort level around others. (Colors are subject to change based on availability)

    • RED:          I’m keeping my distance (please keep at least three feet from me)

    • YELLOW:  Ask me before handshakes/hugs

    • GREEN:     I’m ok with handshakes, hugs, and high-fives!

  • REMEMBER that by registering for the Gathering you have affirmed that you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and up to date (boosted).



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