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MOO Music Gathering

November 4-6, 2022
Participant-Led Workshops (Tentative)


We are currently still recruiting presenters for the Participant-Led  Workshops for the Fall 2022 Gathering. These workshops and classes are in addition to the classes led by professional staff.  PLEASE let us know if you would like to offer one!


Ukulele Liaison             

This is an opportunity for uke players to learn new tunes and improve chord knowledge. Each player brings 10 copies of two tunes that he or she can lead.  Chord diagrams for both tenor/soprano ukes should be included. This student-led workshop is highly enjoyable and culminates in a group appearance at the Open Mic.

Session Leader:  Dan Geddes


Reading Music for Guitar

Learn to play Standard Notation on the guitar in first position. Learn to identify the notes you see in piano music and eliminate that frustration when it lacks tabulation.

Session Leader:  Don Starr


Two-Part Songs        

Whether you like to sing melody or harmony, you’ll enjoy this session as Connie Herbon and Sue Franke teach us some easy two-part songs, like “Tonight You Belong to Me”.

Session Leaders:  Sue Franke, Connie Herbon & Chris Ghilani

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