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MOO Music Gathering

March 4-6, 2022

We will be Live & In-Person at Camp Edwards for the Spring Gathering.  No, COVID hasn’t gone away, though Omicron does seem to have peaked.  However, we do feel it is possible to hold an in-person Gathering with appropriate risk mitigation plans in place.  

Here are a few of the adjustments we’re putting in place for this in-person event:

  • Everyone who registers will need to provide proof of vaccination (including booster).

  • Participants will need to take a COVID test within three (3) days of the Gathering and provide a negative result.

  • Overnight accommodations will be limited to two persons per room (unless you are part of the same family or COVID “pod”).

    • As such--the standard 4-person room rate will still apply (i.e., no premium for a 2-person room).

    • There is still a small premium for rooms with a private bath or for single-occupancy.

  • Jams and workshops will be held in spaces with enough room to spread out.

  • Masks will be required in indoor spaces whenever practical.

There are a limited number of overnight rooms available, so best to reserve your spot early. Of course, commuting is always an option for those who do not wish to spend the night in camp. We’ve also provided links to nearby hotels at the end of this section, for those that might prefer that as an option.

We can’t guarantee that we will be the only group in camp, but opportunities for cross-contact will be minimal.


We have a great assortment of interesting participant-led workshops lined-up, including:

  • Songs of Lakes & Rivers (Dan Geddes)

  • Maine Songs & Stories (Tony Linz)

  • Songwriter’s Circle (Bob Estes)

  • Bill Staines Songs and Singalong (Rick Fitzgerald)

  • Ukulele Commotion (Michael Nepper)

  • Maybe more... !

And, of course:

  • Friday & Saturday Night Song Circle Jams

  • Saturday Open Mic


  • Registration is on-line only

  • Payment by PayPal, cash or check

Click Here to REGISTER NOW


We recommend making your test appointment now, in order to guarantee that you can be tested and get results within the 3-day window before the Gathering.

What kind of test do I need and how long does it take to get results?

  • Either of the NAAT (mRNA) diagnostic tests are acceptable.

    • Diagnostic Lab Test (PCR) ……….... Results times vary.

      • Usually available within 48 hours but can take up to 72 hours in some locations.

    • Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW) …. Results in less than 24 hours.


Rapid Antigen Tests (BinaxNOW) and antigen-based home tests, while useful for rapid screening, can be less effective at accurately detecting the Omicron variant.  This includes the free test kits provided by the Federal Government.  In the interest of caution, these tests will not be accepted for attending MOO.


FREE drive-through testing is available through Walgreens and CVS pharmacies.  Appointments can be made online, but available openings vary widely with location and demand.  Some can take up to 2 weeks. also helps with finding appointments anywhere:

Most test providers will send you an email with a link to your results as a PDF which you can save or print. 
Please bring a copy of your results with you to the Gathering, along with a copy of your vaccination record.
We will be verifying these at check-in.  Hardcopy or an image on your phone or tablet will be fine.  You may also email a copy of your information to:  and – if possible  we will acknowledge receipt before you make the trip.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  REMEMBER TO BOOK YOUR TEST APPOINTMENT SOON.

We look forward to a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Click Here to REGISTER NOW


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