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MOO Music Gathering

November 3-5, 2023
Participant-Led Workshops


We have a great array of engaging workshops offered by experienced workshop leaders. All participant-led sessions will
be offered on the main floor in Hoffer Lodge on Saturday, November 4th. Come join the fun!

8:30-9:25 AM           John Prine Songs

Join us as we explore the songs of the late great John Prine.   From serious to witty to poignant, John’s work covers it all - sometimes in the same song! Open to all instruments or just come to sing.

Session Leader: Peter Lee

9:40-10:35 AM       Turtles, Pennies and Boxes - Songs by Malvina Reynolds

Malvina Reynolds (August 23, 1900 – March 17, 1978)  was a songwriter and political activist, writing both children’s music and songs of political protest, environmentalism, and feminism.   She was a lifelong friend of Pete Seeger and they collaborated often.  We will go over some old favorites  as well as exploring some of her lesser known songs.  All instruments and voices welcome!

Session Leaders: Sue Franke & Connie Herbon

10:50-11:45 AM      Boomwhackers!

Come join the fun as we learn how these colorful plastic tubes can make beautiful music.  No experience necessary.

Session Leader: Chris Ghilani

1:15-2:15 PM          Percussion Instruments

Baffled by how to play the tambourine or shaker? Confused by the clavés? Wanting to know more about playing hand drums? Kristin is ready to share some of her knowledge on techniques and rhythms when it comes to playing small percussion “toys” which she acquired as a percussion major. We will play along with some fun folk/ rock/ Latin songs so that we become more comfortable with it all.

Session Leaders: Kristin & Jay Ponnambalam

3:00-4:00 PM         Ukulele Song Share          

Bring your uke and two tunes to share got this Gathering's ukulele song share. Please include tenor and baritone versions with the chords for each. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn some new tunes and play old favorites with your fellow ukers!

Session Leader:  Michael Nepper

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