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MOO Music Gathering

10th Anniversary - March 3-5, 2023

We will be Live & In-Person at Camp Edwards for the Spring Gathering.  No, COVID hasn’t completely gone away. We recognize that the increasing number of variants is good reason to continue taking precautions within our musical cohort.  With those risk-mitigating precautions in place, we do feel it is possible to safely hold an in-person Gathering.  Please note that those precautions have recently changed and are outlined further below.

We have a great set of Participant-Led Workshops in store.

And, of course:

  • Friday & Saturday Night Song Circle Jams

  • Saturday Open Mic


  • Registration is on-line only

  • Payment by PayPal, cash or check




The situation regarding Covid-19 continues to evolve. Reliable testing is less available now that the pandemic is “over.” The best defenses these days are an abundance of caution (e.g. social distance and masking) and being fully up-to-date with the latest bivalent booster vaccinations.

  • Masks will be required in indoor spaces and group settings (e.g. workshops and jams).

    • Exceptions are for performers on-stage, for eating/drinking, and in your bunk room.

    • We will reduce the number of people at each table for meals and

    • Check-in and evening Jams will be held in HOFFER LODGE where there is more room to spread out. As a side benefit, this will also reduce the need for traversing the many steps into Runge.

  • WE RECOMMEND that you wear a mask when out and about in the days leading up to the Gathering to reduce your risk of contracting the virus before it is detectable in testing.

  • Different colored stickers will be provided to place on your name badge in order to visually indicate your comfort level around others. (Colors are subject to change based on availability)

    • RED:          I’m keeping my distance (please keep at least three feet from me)

    • YELLOW:  Ask me before handshakes/hugs

    • GREEN:     I’m ok with handshakes, hugs, and high-fives!

  • REMEMBER that by registering for the Gathering you have affirmed that you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and up to date (boosted).

TESTING – Testing will NOT be required to attend, but is still highly recommended if you have access.

  • PCR or NAAT Rapid tests are still preferred:

    • These tests can now cost up to $139 out-of-pocket if you are not in one of the qualified groups or not covered by insurance

    • The definition of “Qualified Groups” can vary by state, insurance provider and testing location.

      • Please check with your local test provider (e.g. Walgreens, CVS, etc.) to see if your insurance will cover asymptomatic testing for your health situation.

  • The At-Home Over-the-Counter (Rapid-Antigen) tests – including the free government-provided tests – have proven themselves to be completely ineffective as a screening tool.

    • PLEASE BE AWARE that you can actually be positive and contagious up to 3 days before receiving a positive rapid-antigen test.

    • If you are symptomatic, these tests will help determine whether what you have is Covid.

  • Of course, you must be asymptomatic to come to the Gathering regardless of which type of test you take.

    • If you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms PLEASE DO NOT COME even if it turns out to be regular cold or flu. We will refund your registration if you cannot come because you are sick.



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