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MOO Music Gathering

March 1-3, 2024
Participant-Led Workshops


PLEASE let us know if you would like to offer a workshop at a future Gathering!


Ukulele Abundance

This is an opportunity for uke players to learn new tunes and improve chord knowledge. Each player brings 10 copies of two tunes that he or she can lead.  Chord diagrams for both tenor/soprano ukes should be included. This student-led workshop is highly enjoyable and culminates in a group appearance at the Open Mic

Session Leader:  Michael Nepper


Original Song Round-Robin

Bring a song you’ve written, or something you are writing and are looking for feedback.  All are welcome to share as time permits.  Listeners welcome!

Session Leader:  Bob Estes

Jingle All the Way! - Favorite Commercial Jingles       

Commercial jingles are meant to be entertaining enough to stick in your head, so you remember the product.  Some of these jingles are genuine works of art that have been rattling around between our ears since earliest childhood!  We’ll take a trip down memory lane with some jingles from the 1950s to present day. Bring your voice!  Instruments optional.  We’ll be doing most of these a' capella.        Snap, Crackle, Pop, Rice Crispies!

Session Leader:  Rick Fitzgerald

De-Mystifying "Rise Up Singing"      

Baffled by the notation in the "Rise Up Singing" and "Rise Again" song books?  You are not alone.  In this workshop, we will go over how the notation works and sing through some examples.  Don't let the mysterious markings stand between you and great music!  All instruments are welcome.

Session Leader:  Tony Linz

Dulcimer Delights

This workshop will cover two tunes - Rush and the Pepper, & Karjalan Poikia -  and two songs - The Fields of Athenery & Lost Love - for intermediate level mountain dulcimer.  Both melody and chords will be provided.  All levels of players are welcome.  Instruments other than dulcimer are welcome too!

Session Leader:  Dan Geddes

Songs of Si Kahn

Folk legend Si Kahn, prolific singer-songwriter-organizer-author-playwright, turns 80 this spring and we have been moved by his songs for decades. His topics cover labor, civil rights, politics, family, freedom – even rubber blubber whales! This workshop will feature mostly his older songs but will explore a couple recent creations. The focus will be on singing along and harmonies, versus playing along.

Session Leader:  David Eagan

Chord Transposition Made Easy       

Do you panic when someone says, “let’s do this song in a different key?”  Frustrated when the printed chords for the song don’t fit your vocal range or are too hard to play?  If so, then this all-instrument workshop is for you!  We will practice a few simple "hands-on" techniques to help you quickly transpose from one key to another. Requires the ability to count to six and know the first seven letters of the alphabet.  Guitarists bring a capo if you have one.

Session Leader:  Rick Fitzgerald

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