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MOO Music Gathering

March 3-5, 2023
Participant-Led Workshops


Here is the line-up of Participant-Led Workshops for the Spring 2023 Gathering. We are always looking for people to share their talents with the group. PLEASE let us know if you would like to offer a workshop at a future Gathering!


Ukulele Calamity            

Bring your uke and two songs/tunes to share. Please include tenor and baritone versions with chords for each. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn some new tunes and play favorites with your fellow ukers! This workshop culminates in a group appearance at the Open Mic.

Session Leader:  Michael Nepper


Original Song Round-Robin

Have a song to sing? Bring your original song (or songs!) to the Original Song Round Robin. You’ll have a chance to share your creative talents and get feedback (if you want it) from fellow songwriters. Please sign-up ahead of time so we know how many performers to expect. Listeners are always welcome!  Original Song Round Robin Sign-Up

Session Leader:  Bob Estes


Carter Family Songs        

One of the pioneers of what came to be known as “country music,” the Carter Family collected and performed many folk songs from Appalachia and beyond. We will explore some of those songs in this workshop.

Session Leader:  Dan Geddes

The Songs of Gordon Bok        

The cold waves lap against the rocky shore. The day is gray and quiet. A bell buoy tolls in the distance. Welcome to the world of Maine folksinger Gordon Bok. We will learn about Gordon’s life and explore some of his wonderful songs.

Session Leader:  Tony Linz

Beginning Recorder        

Have a recorder at home that you don’t know what do with? Are you curious about this simple, yet beautiful instrument? Chris will show us how to get started with some simple tunes that sound great! Please bring your own recorder. Don’t have one? You can purchase an inexpensive recorder at one of the links below:
         Amazon:  Easter Soprano Baroque, Yamaha YRS-24B, Angel 101 Soprano

         Peripole:  Baroque Soprano Halo Recorder

Session Leader:  Chris Ghillani

Changing Your Guitar Strings        

Hate changing your strings or afraid to do it? Not sure what strings to use? Rick will demystify the process and show us how to correctly and efficiently change strings so that you can get the best sound from your guitar.

Session Leader:  Rick Fitzgerald

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